About URM

Universal Runners Marathon (URM) is a team of dedicated, committed and energetic people, which organizes Marathons in Delhi/NCR for various social causes on regular basis. Beginning in 2017, Universal Runners have, till date, successfully organized more than 20 Marathons.

The marathons organized by URM serves runners of all skill levels - from first time marathoners to veteran runners and walkers, children, senior citizens as well as differently abled persons.

The proceeds from these events are donated to The Earth Saviours Foundation - a Gurugram based NGO founded in 2008 by Mr. Ravi Kalra famously known as the “No Honking Man of India”. The Foundation is dedicated to serve less privileged people and is making every possible effort to protect the environment.

Our Motto:

  • To spread the awareness about the fitness amongst the different strata of the society
  • To encourage people from all walks of life to adopt healthy lifestyle.
  • To promote women empowerment & gender equality and spread awareness about various social issues especially related to women.
  • To create awareness about the environmental issues plaguing the country.